03 Introduction to the Mentor or Guide


Storyboard element number three is where our customer meets their mentor or their guide. If you recall, in element number two we brought our customer up to that inciting event or incident and we left them knowing that they needed to change, but not knowing how they were going to bridge that gap.

This storyboard element is where we answer that question. This is where we come in and we describe your organization or you.

We craft this storyboard element from those the keys of experience, understanding, and a plan to help get them from where they are now to where they want to be. There are great interview questions that lead into into this.

What is interesting is that if you’re talking about yourself or your organization from either of these three points then we’ve already established the framework for the three-part key that unlocks the lock of someone’s interest and someone’s attention.

Someone who has this particular problem or challenge or aspiration is seeking help, and is going to “click” with a mentor or guide. The key to a customer’s attention at this phase is the ability to unlock the lock with our three keys of experience, understanding, and a plan.


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