06 Customer Transformation

Here we focus on the transformation that your customer is going to go through as a result of having interacted with your organization.

If you are someone who’s in hospital for instance, and you get really good care you might go from being weak to being strong. You might go from being fearful to being less fearful.

More transformation examples:

You might go from being uncertain about what your illness is to having more certainty about what your path is ahead.  you might go from frustrated about your level of care to satisfied with your level of care.

This is really important as you come up with the questions that you’re going to be asking during the testimonial because knowing that information is very valuable because it’s going to really guide how you ask those questions. So really this spending time here and figuring out what people are going from and where they’re going to is going to be very valuable as you build out your testimonial questions that you’re going to be asking the interview subject.

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