08 Problems the Customer Faces

In the previous video, we noted how the 2008 economic crisis could be seen as the villain that caused the problems of unemployment and forclosure for many people. In this example, unemployment, underemployment, and foreclosure are the visible manifestations (1) brought about by the villain (the economic crisis).

From an internal manifestation, ask the question: 2: How does the visible manifestation make us feel inside?

Well, it could make us feel uncertain,
it could make us feel fearful,
it makes us feel a little bit angry,
and maybe it makes us feel frustrated…

All of this is going to manifest in the next step as well.

3 How do others view us as a result of our problem or challenge? How do others view us as a result of this problem? This one’s really powerful because it brings in the elements of social ostracism which drive a lot of human behavior. Even though we don’t know it at a conscious level, how we believe we are viewed by the outside world is one of those things that motivates a lot of decisions that people make.

To recap: Think about this… we have our villain. The 2008 economic crisis (the causal agent or villain)  that caused some people to be unemployed or underemployed (1: visible manifestation) that caused them to feel frustrated angry upset uncertain (2: invisible manifestation). Now how does that make someone look to their friends, family and peers (3: how others view us)? How about to other people on the outside who are not in their situation? Might it make them look desperate? Might it make them look upset or make them look unreasonable? Maybe our customer would think it makes them look like they’re just not working hard enough right now.

Quick tip: The thing to focus on with this particular section right here is do this from the perspective of how it makes the customer feel and also how they think other people view them as a result of it. If there’s a big split between these two, then you really have to investigate. What a big split could mean is that how that person thinks the outside world views them is different from how they feel they view themselves. Knowing this is very useful information as we go on and build our testimonial script and our interview script from that point on.

Really pay attention to this one. If it’s confusing just come back to it or send me an email I’d be happy to walk you through it.

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