02 - Product-focused vs narrative-focused Approach

Most businesses talk about their product or their service or their organization and that's what they lead with... they lead with their offerings: with testimonials and case studies.

What I am suggesting that you lead with is the transformation that your organization can provide to another person. All of these people who are providing their first-person account are basically telling a story of the transformation that they had as a result of engaging with you... and that's really powerful, and it's also something that we naturally resonate with.

We want to hear how someone went from one situation of lacking to achieving. That's where testimonials really set that hook and show people: not only is the prospective customer in the right place, but that you or your organization can help them to achieve their desired outcome.

Once we've established that in the mind of the customer or the client then we can start introducing our product or service to them... because now they know they're in the right place and they know that that interest is going to be time well spent.

Think about how many times you go and visit a website after doing a search and you immediately get to the page and you don't know if that's where you need to be... the information on the page is not sufficient to let you know if you're actually in the right place. You've spent time, but you don't know if you are going to get your questions answered or addressed as to the burning question: "can these people solve my problem and how are they going to make my life better if I choose to engage with them?"

Testimonials at the forefront of an engagement (but not at the absolute lead off) let people know that they are in the right place and they are in good hands... But here's the most powerful thing about testimonials and case studies: It's other people talking about you or your organization. It's not you talking about yourself.

There's time for that later. But leading with the testimonial really allows you to go in and connect with people in a way that allows you or your organization to build trust via the hard work and results that you've earned for other customers or clients.

You're letting other people's firsthand account of the results they've achieved with your help do the work for you as, opposed to having to start with each prospect or each person or each visitor new. You don't have to build that trust with them because the testimonial is going to build it for you.

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