05 Types of Testimonials

Testimonials fall into a variety of different categories. One point to remember is testimonials reflect our lived experience with a person or an organization. So being able to categorize them helps us to determine who would best benefit by viewing this particular testimonial.

ExampleI worked with a gentleman who did a lot of work for nonprofit organizations, and he got a testimonial from a local humane society he consulted for. One key point of distinction that nonprofits face is that you are not working with a single decisionmaker, you are often working with a board or committee.  Being able to highlight the fact that that challenge that nonprofit organizations face is very different than a lot of other organizations because they have a board is one thing. Being able to distinguish your client because they have the experience of working with nonprofit boards is another...

Often times, these nonprofits have volunteers and they have unique needs. Now if this person gave a testimonial from the perspective of a single individual or someone who was a new business owner or a beginner at the discipline he was helping them out with, it is not going to be the same as it was from the perspective of another nonprofit.

And the reason that's so valuable is that nonprofit faces exactly the same challenges as other nonprofits. If you can lump your testimonials into these particular categories, you're going to find that two things take place which makes your testimonial stronger:

1: it's going to be very easy to determine the types of questions that you should be asking the various people that you're interviewing for these testimonials.

2: (and this is where the real power comes in) it really helps you to segment your audience to help determine who's going to get the most benefit out of viewing the videos that you produce as a result of this.

So this is what you need to be focused on here. What does the customer want more than anything? This is something that's really important to focus on.

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