06 Storyboard Summary & PDF Generation


So in the final section, you are given the chance to title your storyboard based on the knowledge and information that you've learned so far not only in the course but via the tooltips on this forum.

Name it something descriptive, because you're going to be sharing this with a variety of different stakeholders.

In addition box six of the storyboard allows you to add some descriptive text to really help convey the message for people who either you're not going to be describing this to in person, or who you're not going to be able to make a presentation to with this particular storyboard.

So what do I mean by that? There are going to be some stakeholders (especially if you give them access to this course) who are going to have an understanding of what these elements of the storyboard mean.

On the other hand, there are going to be other people who are seeing this for the first time and this is where box six really comes in handy, because it allows you to elaborate for those people who are seeing this for the first time.

I recommend that you create a short video (like these little tool tips) where you walk someone through all of these six elements on the storyboard and it can be literally 60 to 90 seconds long. And that way you can distribute that video you can upload it on YouTube you can use one of the tools that I recommend as well. This video serves to get everyone on the same page with literally one sheet of paper and a 60-90 second video.

If you look at the bottom of the page what you'll see now is you'll see a preview of the two PDFs that are generated as a result of the work that you've put in here. One is a complete description of everything that you've worked on so far. This long-form version is great for printing out and either giving to people who need the complete briefing or giving to people who have never been introduced to a storyboard before.

The final PDF is the six-cell storyboard that is going to get everyone on the same page at the same time. All of your stakeholders will understand exactly where you're coming from with this PDF, and exactly what the impact you'd like to make on your target audience is.

Ultimately you'll win the mindshare of that target audience. Because let's face it if you've made it this far then we know that you have a product or service that people have been saying very good things about. In the past, it may have been challenging to capture those good things...  but now you have a tool to do that have some training to do that. So get out there make it happen. Thank you so much!

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