12 The Call to Action


The call to action.

This is how someone starts in their process of engaging with you or with the organization in terms of beginning their transformation.

This may seem simple or overwrought, but think about it how many times have you visited a website and there is no clear direction on the next step to engage further. If you want to engage with that organization, they are leaving it up to you to figure out how to make that happen.

Take this back to the previous step that we just worked on. This is actually part of the process. This is part of the clear process of this is what it takes to get started with us and in many instances, if you're on a website, for instance, it could be "click here."

It could be "order now." That is a simple call to action.

If you're dealing with someone in person it could be. "Here's what I need you to do next."

For Example:

A great example of this happened today. I had to go get some bloodwork done and the doctor said after the appointment "here's what you're going to do next... The lab is right down the hall. You're going to take a left and another left. In fact, they already have your information there and they're going to be waiting for you when you leave the office. So just a left and another left you'll be right there and they'll they'll take you right away because they're waiting for you."

He was literally reducing the friction because he knows if a patient has a chance to put off lab work, they will put it off. And that's not something that you want to do. So this doctor was actually in my service by making sure that I was going to get where I needed to be. And he reduced any opportunity for me to put that off which I was very grateful for.

In certain instances, however, people are not ready they're not ready for the next step. This is where you use a transitional call to action. And believe it or not this also happened today. I was asked to take a very specific test a neurological test where they insert needles in the muscles of your arms and then they match those needles up to various nerves.

And they run low voltages of electricity through to map out where your nerves are damaged. And this was one of those things where they said "yeah we're going to schedule this out for a month in oh hey by the way here's something you can read about this procedure to get you ready for it or if you think you want a second opinion."

So that is a perfect example of a transitional call to action where you're not quite ready for something you're not quite ready to sign up for something. But they give you information to get you over that hump. And a perfect example for something like this online an online environment is anytime you get one of those buttons that says Click here for free PDF report or click here for a free video that is literally an example of a transitional call to action.

You didn't buy the main product and because you didn't buy the main product you're given an opportunity to get more information to help you over that next hump or hurdle. So I hope that this makes sense. I realize that this may be a little bit out there a little bit more complex once again if you have questions just e-mail me and I'll get your sorted out. Let's move onto the next section.

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