Capture Powerful Testimonials & Case Studies

Engage Stakeholders – Educate Customers – Enroll Members

Online training and tools to help you create the best testimonials & case studies.

Capture WRITTEN & video testimonials so good your clients can’t help but share… without expensive camera gear, multiple takes, or memorizing lengthy scripts.

Testimonials, customer success stories, and case studies are an effective way to highlight how your product or service positively impacts the lives of your customers, clients, or stakeholders… Testimonials can help to address objections and make interactions with your organization easier and more natural…  Most businesses and organizations know compelling video testimonials would positively impact their bottom line, but getting started has been so challenging. Until now.


Attract your IDEAL CUSTOMERS and give them something they can’t help but share.

Engage Ideal Customers

Since testimonials reflect an ideal or outstanding customer interaction, creating and sharing testimonials will serve to attract and resonate with other like-minded people.

Effortless Creation

Create testimonial videos that captivate viewers while making even your most camera-shy featured customers look like rockstars… without memorizing scripts.

Testimonial and Case Study Framework & Training. Start your electronic Word of Mouth campaign today.

Do you struggle to create compelling interview-style video testimonials with camera shy customers, clients, & stakeholders?

Everything You Need

Your smartphone, the online training, and storyboard creator are literally everything you need to get started. You’ll wish you had started yesterday.

Scheduled Success

Project management from a PMI certified Project Manager to ensure your content creation is scheduled on a continual basis.

Collaboration & Support

Don’t create in a vacuum! Get feedback from peers who know what your goals are when it comes to creating testimonials in the optional Slack channel

What Makes This So Different?

Most businesses struggle to create compelling content on a consistent basis that actually creates a connection between the business and its customers. Up until now, the options have been to outsource everything to a rep you’ll never meet, or to hire someone and do it in-house and hope they develop the skills on the job.  What happens most times is an ad-hoc approach that results in you spending time as a producer, videographer, and marketing manager that should be spent focused on your specialty. Testimonials and case studies are no different, with one big exception: it is often challenging for the person the testimonial is about to actually collect the testimonial. This training solves that.


Who this works for and the two types of people this doesn’t work very well for…

The training and testimonial builder is designed to help individuals and teams to gain clarity in the purpose of the case studies, testimonials, and feedback they gather and elicit. If you and your organization appreciate the value in capturing targeted, purposeful feedback, this is for you. The process takes a little more work up front, not only in planning, but also in explaining the process to those who have not used it before. That being said, individuals or organizations who are process-bound or highly resistant to change would in all likelyhood be frustrated by this approach.

Your Search For Compelling Testimonial Content is over… You’ll Wish You Had Started Yesterday

Getting started is easy. How it works & What You Get

Sign up now and create your first testimonial script and storyboard in as little as five minutes

1: Training

Video walkthroughs and bite-size trainings on the elements of creating testimonials and case studies

2: Tools

An online app to help walk you through each point in the testimonial and case study creation process

3: Transformation

All the knowledge and tools in the world mean nothing without a measurable improvement.


In addition to the virtual training component, you will have access to an online testimonial arc builder.  The output of this tool are two PDF documents. A 6-cell storyboard that leverages the strengths of the framework behind every Hollywood blockbuster, and a multi-page PDF that explains each stage in detail along with commentary that is custom-tailored depending on your inputs in the testimonial builder.


View a Walkthrough Demonstration of the Builder (Theory and Practice)

Example walkthru video for Heard Strategy - Government Shutdown

Example walkthru video for Heard Strategy - Government Shutdown

Who is behind this service?

Anthony Veltri is a Senior Engagement Manager in the government sector. He was on assignment contributing to the 2018 Hurricane Relief effort when he fell ill and was hospitalized with paralysis of the hands and arms. Not knowing what the future would hold, friends helped him to document the method he used and developed to elicit testimonials, case studies, and feedback from disaster relief recipients under austere conditions. This training is the result of that effort.

“these case studies and  testimonials from disaster relief recipients hit all our talking points better than we ever could ourselves…” – gov’t media manager

Our Pledge to you

We’ll help you create compelling testimonials and case studies that reflects well on you, your clients, and your business… and we’ll have fun while doing it.

Weapons-grade listening

We’ll help you get to the story behind the story. .. Even if the thought of interviewing someone makes you more nervous than the thought of being on camera,


Staff Support & Buy-in

Simple resources to get everyone on the same page, so that staff will have a clear vision that aligns your business goals with your testimonial-gathering efforts .

A Valued Relationship

We value relationships and partnership. We are invested in positive outcomes for you and your business or organization. 


Your Next Steps:

Get instant access, even if it’s 1:00AM!  Note: you can pay what you like, this includes $0.00.
I’d rather have you get access for nothing than not get access at all. All I ask is that you give me some feedback on how to make the training and tool better… and share share share.

You’ll Wish You Had Started Yesterday

Changelog / Public Roadmap

Feedback is something that will make the training and the online tool better. Based on feedback received so far, here is a taste of what is planned for the future (Q1 of 2020).

Collect feedback on Testimonial scripts

The ability to rapidly create a storyboard is great. Sharing that storyboard and collecting feedback from colleagues and peers to improve it is better.  

Customize workflow

Create a “quick start” version of the tool and training in addition to the thorough version. Allows users to generate storyboards more quickly once they have taken the main training.

Auto-Generated PDF of your Script

Automatic emails containing PDF files generated from the testimonial scripting process.  PDFs are great for getting multiple people on the same page and reflect the level of thought you have put into your project.

Archive of previous scripts

Add the ability to allow users to archive storyboards and access them via their dashboard for later use.


Add a Team

The ability to provide training to multiple members of a team, and then share the generated case study and testimonial scripts with members of a team.

Capture testimonials online

Add the ability to capture testimonials online via an iOS and Android app. Partnership with existing app is in the works. probably not til later in 2019.

More to come***

The goal here is to be responsive to the users of this service. There are a lot of great testimonials and case studies out there just waiting to be captured. If you have an idea for a feature, please use the chat button and get in touch!